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The Holidays: A Break for Reading

January 5, 2012

Perhaps there were things I should have been spending my time on over the holidays, but instead I spent time catching up on the many books I’d been meaning to read. (Don’t be amazed when you notice the publication dates on them, most were not recently released.)

I’m sure that I am not alone when I express the feeling that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything and time for myself is the item that always gets the short straw when time runs out. So, when I had a few days off over the holiday I turned my list on its head and focused only on the time for myself. The books I chose to spend my time with were: Half the Sky, Green Metropolis, Big Green Purse, and The Lady of the Rivers. (You didn’t think I only read nonfiction, did you?)

Half the Sky: Stories about women and girls around the globe are told with such respect and clarity by Pulitzer-Prize award-winning journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn in this non-fiction book encouraging everyone to join their fight against the oppression of females. I found the stories so moving that chapter after chapter brought me to tears and then reassured me with the fortitude and resilience of the women highlighted. I would highly recommend reading the book if you haven’t already, watching the PBS special when it airs later this year, and taking action to fight worldwide oppression of women and girls.

Green Metropolis: Written by another journalist, David Owen, Green Metropolis left me with a feeling that the things that I do to limit my impact on this planet are all for nothing unless I rid myself of my car and move into a thriving downtown. And yet, I recommend that everyone read this book. Many people have jumped on board the green bandwagon without much thought. While I encourage the action of jumping on board now I also encourage asking questions and learning more. This book will make you think and it will make you question your actions and I think it will inspire you as well. Let me know what you think.

Big Green Purse: Wow, so many fabulous ideas and tips from Diane MacEachern on how to use your pocketbook to encourage businesses to make environmental changes. And women, it is mainly us they market to, so don’t think they won’t take notice if you start putting your money where you values are. This is a book I read on my eReader for free from the library, but with so many amazing bits of information in it, I plan to purchase it so I can keep it forever and make notes in all the margins. This is a terrific resource to have on hand while shopping. Let me know if you’ve read it and what your favorite tip is.

The Lady of the Rivers: Now for some fun. I couldn’t resist reading the latest from bestselling author Philippa Gregory. Her historic novels always find their way into my hands. This happens to be the third in the Cousin’s War Series and I think it is the best. Well researched and well written, bringing life and magic to a long-forgotten woman who was right in the mix of the struggle for power during the War of the Roses. Check out this page turner.

I would love recommendations on future books to read as well as your thoughts on the books listed above, so take a minute and share if you could.

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